Mahendru Psychiatric Centre

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 Research Facility

The facilities for clinical research at Mahendru Psychiatric Centre comprises more than 3000 square ft of floor space. It is a state of the art facility that acts as a resource for the clinical investigators, patients and study sponsors.The site meets the regulatory and industry standards for the conduct of clinical trials.

  • Reception and registration area

  • Waiting area for the study volunteers

  • Multiple patient examination rooms

  • Conference room

  • Specimen collection, processing, and storage area:

    • Centrifuge machine
    • Refrigerator centrifuge
    • Specimen  refrigerator
    • Specimen freezer(-70 0)

  • Other equipment

    • ECG machine
    • Bio feedback machine

  • Drug and device storage area: designed to meet industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

  • A separate private room for the monitors with high speed internet connection. A fax machine and heavy duty copier are accessible to the monitors.

  • Storage space for regulatory documents and study records. Quality assurance.

  • Investigator’s office, space for administrators and coordinators.

  • The hospital premises include: pharmacy, clinical lab, sleep lab, EEG lab and other clinical testing facilities with round-the-clock coverage.

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