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 Clinical Research

ServicesMahendru Psychiatric Centre has been actively involved in clinical research since 2004. What began as a hesitant step has today become a confident stride. We have completed 19 clinical trials. We have had the privelege of working with leading CROs and Pharmaceutical companies. We have conducted studies covering the entire spectrum of psychiatric illnesses. Our comprehensive out patient and hospitalization facilities have enabled us to carry out studies where acute therapeutic interventions are being tested and as well as where maintenance treatment is being studied. We have conducted clinical trials across all age groups – adults, children and adolescents and the elderly. We are committed to providing better mental health care to our patients through ethical and high quality clinical research.

Your Partner In Clinical Research

Ours is a vibrant and dynamic health care institution. Through our state-of –the-art facilities and dedicated infrastructure we provide high standards of care for carrying out today’s most promising clinical research. We provide sponsors with research support throughout clinical trials. Due to our size and scope, we can offer sponsors high – quality data and accruals expeditiously and efficiently.

Who have we worked with ?

Over the past five years we have worked with prominent CROs such as Covance, CliniRx, Quintiles, Targacept, Siroclinpharm, Zoom, QeD and Icon delivering quality data for sponsors.
Our work in clinical research has allowed us to provide high quality data to pharmaceutical companies such as Astrazeneca, Bioline Rx, Eisai Pharmaceuticals, Eli-lilly,Forest Research, JDS Pharmaceuticals,Johnson & Johnson, Lundbeck, Merck, Ostuka Pharmaceuticals, Targacept pharmaceuticals and Sun pharmaceuticals.

Faculty That Produces Results

Our investigators have vast experience in conducting government and industry sponsored research. The team headed by Dr. R.K Mahendru includes Dr. Sanjay Mahendru, Dr. Unnati Kumar and Dr. Vijay Mahendru. The research team also includes several clinical research coordinators, administrators, and support staff. We are dedicated to meeting sponsors expectations and to fulfilling the research needs of investigators,patients,and sponsoring agencies.

We'll Help You Meet Your Goals

The Institute for Clinical Research is currently conducting both inpatient an outpatient phase 2- 4 studies in multiple therapeutic areas. We provide sponsors with the following services:

  • Identification of qualified investigators

  • Experienced clinical research recruiters and coordinators

  • Ethics Committee Submissions and correspondence

  • Preparation and negotiation and execution facilitated through master clinical trials agreements

  • Expeditious subject selection, accruals and enrollments

  • Centralized processing of all aspects of clinical trials, including planning studies, designing protocols, identifying investigators, and developing regulatory documents

  • High – quality data that is tracked, entered, and validated using industry standards

  • Clinical, laboratory, and clerical support staff

  • On – site quality assurance program

  • Performance tracking

  • In – depth discussions with sponsors

  • Comprehensive standards operating procedures (SOP) to ensure consistent and appropriate practices

Where High –Quality Trials Are Conducted

We have a state – of – the – art research facility meets regulatory and industry standards. Our facilities includes a waiting area for study patients, patient examination rooms, investigator’s office, a laboratory area, a conference room, private rooms for monitors, space for administrators and coordinators, and storage space for regulatory documents and study records. Our drug/device storage area was specially built to meet FDA requirements, industry standards, and regulatory guide lines.



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